August 7th 2011

We rescued 10 WB moms from a hunting reservation, and finally treated them humanly…. the family is growing. “Bella” destroyed our pen twice.. to become the sweetest of them all….at last!

February 4th 2012

Our Lab got in shape…. Mozzarella is on the work!                                          October 15th 2012

New Babies are expected soon, check us out at St. Pete Market every Saturday...     1st Sunday of the Month: Hyde Park  in Tampa.                                                         November 9th 2012

We got all new Cheeses, browse our site and buy online!                                                                          January 26th 2013

What a week...we've been all over the Media: Bay News 9, Fox 13, The and more!                                                                              March 10th 2013

1st Cheese Making Workshop of the year...Hurry and sign up!  

We’d like to invite everyone to our cause… recycle, re-invent…reuse like
our friends, you too can contribute to a greener planet.We’d gladly
arrange to recycle your waste, whether they are spent grains, old produce, orange peels….feel free to contact us

Jon is a passionate organic farmer, and the host of our babies.He’s very caring in regards of the herd, which he cherish with treats and goodies from his cultivar; he teaches me few tricks out of his hat to make me less of a city
Sleeker! It’s like having won the lottery to have him
"One faces the future with one's past." -Pearl S. Buck Cigar City Brewing was founded with two goals in mind. The first to make the world's best beer and the second to share with people near and far the fascinating culture and heritage of the Cigar City of Tampa. From its past as the world's largest cigar producer to its Latin roots and the many other diverse peoples that call it home, Tampa draws on many sources to develop its unique culture.
At CCB we are fascinated by Tampa's history and suspect you will be too.
the latest Arrival!
Everyone needs a “Saint Somewhere”…(brewery) Fortunately for our Water Buffaloes, there's one who provides them with spent bgrains. They call him “uncle’ Bob!