August 7th 2011

We rescued 10 WB moms from a hunting reservation, and finally treated them humanly…. the family is growing. “Bella” destroyed our pen twice.. to become the sweetest of them all….at last!

February 4th 2012

Our Lab got in shape…. Mozzarella is on the work!                                          October 15th 2012

New Babies are expected soon, check us out at St. Pete Market every Saturday...     1st Sunday of the Month: Hyde Park  in Tampa.                                                         November 9th 2012

We got all new Cheeses, browse our site and buy online!                                                                          January 26th 2013

What a week...we've been all over the Media: Bay News 9, Fox 13, The and more!                                                                              March 10th 2013

1st Cheese Making Workshop of the year...Hurry and sign up!  

Did you know?

Milk from the buffalo is white with a creamy texture, naturally homogenized and high in milk solids, perfect for the production of traditional buffalo mozzarella, yogurt , ice cream and Asian spacialties; The milk contains a atural anti-oxidant and is easily digested even by people with milk allergies. Raised on pasture the milk has healthy conjugated linoleic acid (CLA); Buffalo are extremely disease resistant - lameness, mastitis and pink-eye,common cattle diseases, are almost unknown in water buffalo;

There are no incidents of BSE (mad cow disease) in water buffalo anywhere in the world; Management requires similar fencing, housing and handling equipment as cattle.

In temperate climates buffalo cool off quickly in the shade because their black skin, rich inblood vessels, conducts and radiates heat efficiently. They have 10th the sweat glands of cattle and it is believed that they use their horns to regulate heat. The meat is indistinguishable in flavour from beef, however it is lower in cholesterol and higher in mineral content than meat from cattle. Lean water buffalo meat has less than half (44%) the total fat content of lean beef and has proportionately less saturated fat compared with beef (30% vs. 40%). Pasture raised meats offer more omega-3 and fewer omega-6 fatty acids. weird...but true!
Our promise to you,
the customer:
  • Made with 100% water
    buffalo milk
  • All natural from our
    pasture to cheese
  • Humane animal practices
  • Fair labor practices
  • Sustainability (not profit)
    as overiding
Mozzarella - which is derived from the Neapolitan dialect spoken in Campania - is the diminutive form of mozza ( ), or mozzare ( ) derived from the method of working.Scamorza cheese is a close relative, which probably derives from "scamozzata" ("without a shirt"), with allusion to the fact that these cheeses have no hard surface covering typical of a dry cured cheese.The term mozzarella is first found definitively mentioned in 1570, cited in a cookbook by Bartolomeo Scappi
In other words....... we'll never cut any corners to deliver the freshest Mozzarella on the market; from our farm direct to your palate! Whereas other's product is industrial made, by machinery and pure mathematic profit calculators; we went to the extreme extent to raise our own herd in a Organic Farm and operated a diligent selection of the purest "Mediterranean" Water Buffaloes breed. Altough WB are the hardiest animal to raise, we praise them regularly with treats, carrots and other fruits along the best pasture practices.Beware of frozen curd, as safe as it might be, it's definetely not fresh and not trackable... yet not fresh and local; we can name every single animal at our farm!