August 7th 2011

We rescued 10 WB moms from a hunting reservation, and finally treated them humanly…. the family is growing. “Bella” destroyed our pen twice.. to become the sweetest of them all….at last!

February 4th 2012

Our Lab got in shape…. Mozzarella is on the work!                                          October 15th 2012

New Babies are expected soon, check us out at St. Pete Market every Saturday...     1st Sunday of the Month: Hyde Park  in Tampa.                                                         November 9th 2012

We got all new Cheeses, browse our site and buy online!                                                                          January 26th 2013

What a week...we've been all over the Media: Bay News 9, Fox 13, The and more!                                                                              March 10th 2013

1st Cheese Making Workshop of the year...Hurry and sign up!  
Bufalina A.C. (Artisan Cheeses) was created by the Casamento family's joint efforts. My sister, nephew and sons all contributed to create a top-quality, sustainable cheese operation, to supply a growing health conscious population. We started out as a small herd of 8 Mediterranean Water buffaloes, then expanded into 18 now 31 strong and growing. As a family business, we take extra care in everything we do - not because we have to - but because our name is on every product.

When in Rome...
We work with an organic farmer, whom we consider to be part of our family, to care of day by day operation and produce the highest quality products for the U.S. market. Jon Butts and wife are strong advocates of sustainability, the first to install solar panels in Hillsborough County and the host of “sustainable living” program on WMNF 88.5 FM. 

We use organic growing methods without chemical inputs, both to protect the health of our animals and nurture the environment we want to preserve for our next generations. Antonio is not an expert cheese maker, but his career in the Hospitality biz has taken him around the world, from Italy, Germany, England….where he hewn his skills in the food industry and catered to a vast array of tastes and clientele. Within his library you’ll find every kind of manual and cheese making book along with several thousands of pages on Water Buffaloes literature; his Italian heritage connected him to Antonio Borghese the #II authority in the world for the specie, Prof. Hugh Poponoe and his latest friends at the Ontario Water Buffalo Co, Lori and Martin.

One of the few WB vet, cares for its Buffaloes and manage the improvement of the specie trough
the use of Italian specimen delivered directly from Mr. Arturo himself. Professor and animal behavior expert, Temple Grandin has been a great guidance and with her videos and books to abide the most current animal welfare possible, every animal is called by name, nurtured with organic treats and care.

Bufalina A.C. released its first production on February 2012 at a local Farmer’s market, and thanks to the support of various cheese masters from Italy and Dr. Bano, our resident biologist,  have been making mozzarella and other cheeses, including yogurt still with the same passion that has driven Antonio throughout his 25 years career.
There’re many so self-called Guru’s, but yet I have to meet one that had experienced the Mozzarella di Bufala first hand in Italy like Antonio did… the passion, the culture, and the ritual!
 Too good to be true..
Other consideration has been given the the health advantages of WB milk, not it only tastes good, but has probiotic properties known to cure some modern illness such as Asthma, Autism and more…especially considering that we ‘DO’ not use any preservatives or hormones and pay diligent attention on what we feed to our herd, mostly… grass, hay, citrus pulp, cotton gin and what else seasonally available.